How do Profiles work?

How do Profiles work?


  1. Sign up for Stir.
  2. Tap the menu in the upper-right and then “Public Profile”
    • To customize your profile name / URL, go to Settings > Profile and edit your username
    • You can add credits for past work or adjust the text / the content that’s pinned to the top
  3. That’s it!

Example (YouTube editor)

Zach edits videos for other YouTube creators. He recently edited one from his frequent collaborator Ryan. To showcase his work, Zach creates a Profile on Stir and starts adding some of his past work. He adds the video he just worked on with Ryan, and shares the link with Ryan so that Ryan can verify Zach’s contribution.

Ryan signs up, links his YouTube account, and clicks the “Verify” button on Zach’s request. Zach’s profile now shows the video he worked on, his contribution (being an Editor), and the fact that it was verified by the owner of the video (Ryan). Ryan can now use this to share his past work with future collaborators and to get additional work.