How do I get Credit for past work?

How do I get Credit for past work?

Adding your past work to your Profile helps build a living record of your accomplishments that can help you find new collaborators.

There are two ways to add new work to your Profile page:

  1. You can visit your own Public Profile page by going to[yourusername] or by selecting Public Profile from the menu. A block with a + sign will show up at the end of your credit list that you can tap.
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  3. You can visit or click on Credits in the menu.
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Copy and paste the URL of the video you are claiming into the search box and press Search. If you entered a valid URL, you will be taken to a page which shows if any credits have previously been claimed / if the video has been claimed by its owner. Note: we do not currently support channel links — but if you successfully claim a video, all other videos from that channel will be automatically assigned to you.

  • If you are the owner of the video / channel, you can Claim this video. You will be prompted to link the YouTube channel to your Stir account. After doing so, any future videos that you post in this channel that come up in this Search flow will automatically be added to your Profile.
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  • If you are a collaborator on the video, you can Request a credit. You will be prompted to add the role you played. Once that’s completed, you will be presented with a link that you can send to the video owner to verify your credit (and claim the video by linking their YouTube channel if they have not done so already).
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