What can Managers do on Stir?

What can Managers do on Stir?


Stir Pro is designed for the best agencies, managers, and teams pushing Creators forward. As a Manager on Stir, here’s what you can do.

1. Splits for the easiest and most transparent way to collaborate financially.

You can automatically Split platform revenue with your teams and Clients. Every time they get paid, you get paid.

2. Invoice with ease.

Send an Invoice on behalf of a Client or team, attach W-9's to the invoice, CC other teammates, track the status in real-time, and automatically split revenue once the invoice has been paid!

3. Payroll for your team.

With Stir Pro, you can automate and optimize your team and Client payroll with the power of Pay. It's fee-less and made for Creator teams. You can even sync it with your content to stay organized.

4. Get the most supportive support.

You’ll be able to solve issues in moments with dedicated account support to partner with you to tackle issues. Pro teams have access to custom features and shared slack channels with Stir’s own product staff.

Stir Pro is a win for you and a win for your team!