Welcome to Verification! In order to receive money on Stir, you will need to enter your Verification Details.


To enter or edit your Verification Details, click the Edit button.

What should I select for Business Type?

You are an individual if you are using Stir as a single person operating as a sole proprietorship. You are a business (i.e Single-member LLC, Multi-member LLC, or Corporation) if you use Stir as a legal company. Select the appropriate company type based on the type of legal company you have set up.

Why do I have to provide my SSN and an Identity Document?

The TLDR is to send or receive money on any platform in the United States, you are required to prove your identity at a certain point. This is to stay in compliance with KYC regulations (see

) and helps to protect your account security and to prevent bad actors from transferring money illicitly.

Why do I need to re-enter any verification information?

Stir may ask you to re-enter your verification information if it appears there was a mistake on your verification documents. For example, if the LLC address you’re using doesn’t match the address that you provided. The most common reason for needing to re-enter information is when name or address information provided doesn’t match. Make sure to check to make sure that all the information you’ve inputted is correct!

I thought address and identity documents were optional; why are they required now?

Identity documents are sometimes required to comply with KYC (see

) standards. This set of criteria is used in the financial services industry to verify the identity of customers and financial profiles.

How secure is my identity information in Stir?

Think vault. The most secure lock and key. The biggest and strongest safe. We use TLS (SSL) 256-bit encryption and will never (ever) sell your data. We also follow KYC regulations to ensure the secure and compliant exchange of money when using Stir. We’re very serious about keeping your account safe.