Banks and Cards

Banks and Cards

Welcome to Banks and Cards. To learn more about how your bank information will be used and stored at Stir, check our Privacy Policy.

The TLDR is we take security here seriously. We use a third-party service called Plaid to connect to your financial account(s).


To add a bank account, click Add a Bank. To add a debit card, click Add a Debit Card.

Why do I need to add my bank account and/or debit card to Stir?

Adding a bank account or debit card allows you to send and receive payments using Stir — yay! Payments to the debit card in your account will allow you to receive payments instantly, while payments to a bank account over ACH will process in 2-4 business days.

How do I reconnect my bank account if it gets disconnected?

You’ll receive a notification email if your bank account is disconnected. To reconnect your bank account to Stir, go to the Banks and Cards tab in Settings and click on the Settings gear just to the right of your bank account. In the modal that pops up, click on Reconnect Bank and re-link your account!

Why does my bank account keep disconnecting?

Oh no, we’re sorry this is happening. Occasionally, the third-party service we use, Plaid, may have connection issues. Reach out to us at or text us at (747) 277-7624 if you’re having issues. We may be able to help!

Why don’t I see my bank account listed after connecting it?

Eek, this is likely happening due to an error. We recommend refreshing the page and trying to add the bank account again. If that still doesn’t work, reach out to us at, or text us at (747) 277-7624.

How do I update my bank account?

If you’ve changed your bank account / debit card, you can update this on Stir by going to the Banks and Cards tab in Settings and clicking the gear icon next to the financial account you want to update. Then, click Update Bank.

Can anyone see my bank account or debit card other than me?

Nobody other than you can see your bank account or debit card details. Stir only stores the name of the institution and the last 4 digits of your account number/debit card number.

Note: If you are a Creator with a Manager on Stir, your Manager will be able to see the last four digits of your bank account (but not your debit card).

Can I connect more than one bank account or debit card?

Unfortunately, you can only have one bank account and one debit card connected at this time. If you would like to swap your connected bank account or debit card for another one, no problem — click the gear icon next to the financial account you want to update.

When I connect my bank account to Stir which permissions should I grant?

It’s recommended to grant all of the permissions requested. Stir needs all of these permissions to process Splits and send money on your behalf. For more questions, reach out to us at, or text us at (747) 277-7624.

What happens if my debit card has expired?

If your debit card has expired, you won’t be able to use the card to receive money in your Stir account until it’s been updated. We will send an automated email reminder if your debit card is close to expiring or has already expired.

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