How do Payments work?

How do Payments work?


  1. You can send and receive Payments, as well as see your past Payments, from the Pay tab. To send a payment, all you need is an email address for the recipient, an amount (over $1), and a message to go with it (and you can even optionally link to a piece of content that goes with the payment). And it’s all free.
  2. You’ll need a bank account linked to your account to be able to send payments.
  3. To complete the payment, the recipient must have a Stir account with a bank account or debit card connected to receive the payment. They will get onboarding instructions in the email Stir sends to them if they don’t yet have a Stir account yet.

That’s it!


Chloe is a Creator who just made a video she’s super proud of. She hired a video editor, Evan, to spruce up her video before she’s going to share the finished product on her YouTube Channel. Evan’s all done, and she needs to pay him for his work — the video looks great!

She heads to the Pay tab in her Stir account, clicks on the Send Money button, and enters Evan’s email, a quick note, a link to the video he worked on, and the amount.


Chloe hits Send and she’s done.

Evan doesn’t have a Stir account yet, but he receives easy onboarding instructions in the email sent to him and, moments after onboarding, the money lands in his account. Woo!