Browser Tool

Browser Tool

How to Use It

Stir’s OnlyFans manager tools help your Account Managers be more productive. After installing the browser extension and getting the appropriate client and team accounts setup, Account Managers need to log into OnlyFans from the browser with the extension to take advantage of functionality, like Intelligent Inbox and Vault Tracker.

Intelligent Inbox

Intelligent Inbox helps Account Managers better prioritize their time with fans. By surfacing information about how often and how much a fan spends, Account Managers can prioritize more profitable conversations.

Intelligent Inbox works from within the OnlyFans messaging interface. For fans that the system has categorized, two emojis will show up next to their profile image signifying (a) their lifetime spend and (b) how recently they’ve purchased a PPV.


We are always working on improving our categorizations but, today, they include:

🐑: Active heavy spenders, people who have spent at least $100 a short period of time and >2 PPVs and continue to buy within the past 7 days

πŸŒ•: Someone who has purchased a PPV in the past 7 days

πŸŒ—: Someone who has purchased a PPV in the past 8-30 days 🌘: Someone who has purchased a PPV in the past 31-45 days

πŸ‹: Spent >$300 Lifetime

🐳: Spent >$100 Lifetime

🐠: Spent $50-75 Lifetime

🐟: Spent $20-50 Lifetime

🍀: Spent $1-10 Lifetime

Vault Tracker

The Vault Tracker adds valuable information to your OnlyFans Media Vault. When an Account Manager selects β€œAdd Media from Vault” from a 1:1 chat, the Vault will then mark which media has already been purchased by the fan and the price at which they purchased it.

This helps the Account Manager avoid resending content to a fan and provides them insight to the typical price points that the fan makes purchases for.