Is Stir free to use?

Yes, Stir is currently free to use for Creators and Managers.

How do I contact Stir?

You can reach out to us either via email or chat.

Message: select “Contact Support” from the menu

Does Stir operate internationally?

Stir operates in the United States and supports US-based bank accounts. Unfortunately, we do not currently support international bank accounts.

Who are Stir’s investors?

We’re fortunate to be backed and advised by the best in the industry, including Andreessen Horowitz, Homebrew, Ludlow Ventures, Chad Hurley (co-founder of YouTube), Steven Galanis (CEO of Cameo), Jack Conte (CEO of Patreon), Li Jin (Passion Economy Pioneer), Michael Mignano (CEO of Anchor), Casey Neistat, Cody Ko, The Chainsmokers, Liza Koshy, LaurDIY, et al.

Where are Stir’s Terms of Service?

Our full Terms of Service can be found here.

What is Stir’s Privacy Policy?

All personal information submitted during the registration process is used to verify your identity. Your data is never shared with other Stir users without your permission. Our full Privacy Policy can be found here.

Does Stir have a Press Kit?

Yes! Check it out here. Reach out to support@usestir.com for any questions.


Here are all the important Splits terminology to get to know:

  • Split Name — the name of the Split (visible to everyone you have invited to the Split)
  • Split Owner — the person who the platform pays out directly
  • Split Creator — the person who created the Split
  • Split Member(s) — the person(s) who are in the Split (excluding the Split Owner/Creator)
  • Split Attempt — each time a Split runs

Can I hide Split members and/or their percentage cut?

Unfortunately, you cannot currently hide Split members and/or their percentage cuts.

Does Stir take a percentage cut from each Split?

No, we do not.

Is it possible for someone to hide a Split attempt?

No. The Splits feature was built with trust and transparency in mind, and we default to sharing more information with all Split members.

Can I pause a Split?

Unfortunately, you cannot currently pause a Split, and we recommend cancelling and re-creating the Split for now.

What other platforms are you considering adding?

We regularly review the platforms that are of most interest to our users. If you are interested in one in particular, please let us know at support@usestir.com.


Can I send Payments in batches?

No, Payments must be sent individually currently.

Can I set up recurring Payments?

You cannot set up recurring Payments today.


What will my client see if I send an Invoice on their behalf as a Manager?

Managed clients will receive a text message and an email notifying them that an Invoice was sent on their behalf. If there was a Split created as part of the Invoice, they’ll receive an email notifying them of this as well! Your client will also be able to view the Invoice and any connected Splits when they log in.

How do I view and download my Invoice details?

Navigate to the Invoice tab and then click on View Invoice. The Public Invoice page that comes up is the same page that Invoice Recipients see. To download the Invoice, click the down arrow icon in the corner of the screen on the page.

Ta-da, Invoice downloaded.


How do I delete my account?

If you’d like your account and personal information removed from our system reach out to us at support@usestir.com or the Contact Support chat button under your profile.

How do I remove a Manager?

To remove a Manager, navigate to the Profile tab in Settings. Click the Edit button and the trash can icon next to the Manager’s name → Save. Please note that if you’re currently on a Split with a Manager, you will not be able to remove them until you cancel the Split — you can do this by going to the Splits tab and clicking on the Cancel button when you select the appropriate Split.

Stir Pro

Can a Client see my other Clients?

Nope! Only you can see your Client Roster.

How can I tell if my Client’s bank account has disconnected from Stir?

You can tell a Client’s bank account has disconnected by clicking on their name from the Clients tab. A screen will show your Client’s information, including the bank account they linked. Next to the account will be an indication of whether the account is connected or not. A disconnected account will show either an Inactive or Disconnected status


What can my Clients do on Stir?

Clients can send and receive Invoices and create Splits. They can also revoke access to a Manager and cancel Splits and Invoices set up on their behalf.

What notifications are sent to my Clients when I set up Splits on their behalf?

When you set up Splits on behalf of your Client, they receive notifications as the Split owner – as if they set it up themselves.

Why hasn't the Split I set up between me and my Client run yet?

There are three common reasons that your Split hasn't run yet:

  1. Your Client's bank account is disconnected from Stir.
  2. YouTube has not paid them yet.
  3. Your Client has not yet received the corresponding revenue (i.e. they have not cashed out of their account / AdSense earnings have not been paid out yet).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@usestir.com


Why am I being asked to re-enter KYC information that I’ve already added?

Stir may ask you to re-enter your verification information if it appears there was a mistake on your verification documents. For example, if the LLC address you’re using doesn’t match the address that you provided. The most common reason for needing to re-enter information is when the name and address information doesn’t match. Make sure to check to make sure that all the information you’ve inputted is correct!

How do I update my KYC verification information?

From your Stir account, head to the Verification tab under Settings. Here you’ll be able to see your previously submitted KYC information and edit or update it as needed.

How do I delete my Stir account?

If you’d like your account and personal information removed from our system reach out to us at support@usestir.com or the Contact Support chat button under your profile.


I added the wrong Credit. Can I remove it?

We don’t currently let users remove Credits. Contact us at support@usestir.com and we can help.

Do you support Credits for platforms other than YouTube?

Currently, we only support YouTube, but more platforms are in the works. If one is of interest, let us know at support@usestir.com

What happens if my Credit is rejected or never approved?

Your claimed credit will continue to show up on your Profile page but it will not receive a Verified Credit badge.

Why am I unable to claim my username of choice?

Your username must be unique within Stir. If you have chosen a name taken by someone else, you will have to choose another.


Is Stir required to report money I have received on Stir?

In compliance with IRS regulations, Stir (along with other payment providers like Venmo for example) are required to report to the IRS the total payment volume received by Stir users whose payments meet or exceed $20,000 and 200 transactions in the 2022 calendar year.

Anyone who exceeds $20,000 and 200 transactions in payments for goods and services through Stir (or any other payment app!) can expect to receive a Form 1099-K by January 31st, 2023.

Does Stir withhold any taxes from my payments?

No. Stir does not withhold any taxes from payments or splits we process.

How does Stir calculate total payments received?

To calculate the total amount a Stir user has received in 2022, Stir calculates payments received from Payments, Splits, Invoices, and/or directly from Platform payouts.

What are important key dates I should be aware of?

  1. Submit and confirm your tax information by December 15th, 2022
  2. Stir will provide you a copy of your 1099-K (if required) by January 31st, 2023 via email.

I split Youtube or OnlyFans payouts on Stir and receive a 1099-K directly from the platform, how do I reconcile all of my 1099-Ks that might have the same revenue listed?

It is not uncommon to receive multiple 1099-Ks from both platforms and payment processors. To avoid “double counting” revenue, it’s important to list payments sent to or shared with other teammates on your tax return. You are only taxed on your income after all expenses are deducted.

If it’s helpful, Stir partners with tax experts to help our managers and creators prepare their returns. Email jess@usestir.com if you would like to be connected with a tax prep expert!

What is Form 1099-K?

Form 1099-K is an IRS document used to report payments for goods and services. Organizations that facilitates these payments, like Stir (and Paypal, Venmo, Stripe, Upwork to name a few others), are required by law to file 1099-Ks with the IRS and send copies to the payment recipients.

Will I receive a 1099-K form from Stir in 2023 (for tax year 2022)?

You will only receive a Form 1099-K from Stir if you are in the United States and reach the following threshold for the 2022 calendar year:

Federal Threshold
$20k+ & 200 transactions USD in a calendar year

Individual State Thresholds:

All US States
$20k+ USD in a calendar year
$2,500+ USD in a calendar year
$1,000+ USD in a calendar year
New Jersey
$1,000+ USD in a calendar year
$600+ USD in a calendar year
District of Columbia
$600+ USD in a calendar year
$600+ USD in a calendar year
$600+ USD in a calendar year
$600+ USD in a calendar year
$600+ USD in a calendar year
$600+ USD in a calendar year