Google Authorization

Sign in with Google helps you easily and securely sign in to Stir using your existing Google Account. Google does not share your Google Account password with Stir and you can remove access at any time.


Our top priority is keeping your data safe and secure. We use TLS (SSL) 256-bit bank-level encryption to ensure your information stays totally private. PCI DSS certification means all your sensitive data is protected and will never be shared without your express consent.

Protecting your money

Secure transfers are made directly from sender bank account to receiver bank account. At no point will your money be held in any sort of digital wallet and Stir cannot freeze your funds or lock you out of your account.

Push notifications

Real time email and text notifications keep you alert to all activity on your Stir account, allowing you to monitor transactions and immediately identify any suspicious usage. You’ll always know what’s happening with your money.

Disable anytime

Stir integrates with your bank and debit card through our partners Plaid and Stripe, both trusted by most major US financial institutions. Should you want to disconnect your accounts from Stir you are free to do so at anytime.

Get in touch

No one from Stir will contact you to ask for a password associated with your account. We actively monitor and investigate any vulnerabilities. If you experience any problems with your account please contact [email protected].

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