Why do I need to upload a doc?

Why do I need to upload a doc?

Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC, short for “Know Your Customer,” is a set of standards used within financial services to verify the identity of customers and financial profiles (for more information, see

). KYC allows for the secure and compliant exchange of money when using Stir. We’re serious about keeping your account safe!

We complete identity verification using tax and identity information, such as your Social Security Number, date of birth, corporate tax ID/EIN, and mailing address. Occasionally, we need tax documents that prove your (or your client’s) identity.

Why am I being prompted to upload a document?

We partner with our payment providers to ensure we have the correct information for compliance reasons. From time to time, our payment providers need additional information for KYC compliance reasons. To continue receiving payments on Stir, you’ll need to complete this.

Ensure that the information on the Verification tab aligns with the documents you’re uploading. If the information doesn’t match you may need to repeat the process and upload additional documents.