Why do I need to enter KYC info?

Why do I need to enter KYC info?

Why am I being prompted to enter KYC verification information?

We partner with our payment providers to ensure we have the correct information for compliance and security reasons. You’ll be prompted to enter information when sending or receiving Invoices or Splits in Stir. (For more information, see


Why am I being asked to re-enter my verification information for KYC verification?

Stir may ask you to re-enter your verification information if it appears there was a mistake on your verification documents. For example, if the LLC address you’re using doesn’t match the address that you provided. The most common reason for needing to re-enter information is when name or address information doesn’t match. Make sure to double check that all the information you’ve inputted is correct!

How will I know if Stir needs further KYC verification documents from me?

We’ll reach out to you via email or text if we need additional verification information from you. After logging in, at the top of the Home page, you will also see when additional information is needed.