Stir Manual

Stir Manual

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Welcome to the Stir Manual ☀️ Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Stir. If you cannot find something, email or click the icon in the bottom right of your Stir Dashboard.

Want to be a Stir expert?

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions for you.

General FAQs

Is Stir free to use?

Yes, Stir is currently free to use for Creators and Managers.

How do I contact Stir?

You can reach out to us either via email or chat.

Message: select “Contact Support” from the menu

Does Stir operate internationally?

Stir operates in the United States and supports US-based bank accounts. Unfortunately, we do not currently support international bank accounts.

Who are Stir’s investors?

We’re fortunate to be backed and advised by the best in the industry, including Andreessen Horowitz, Homebrew, Ludlow Ventures, Chad Hurley (co-founder of YouTube), Steven Galanis (CEO of Cameo), Jack Conte (CEO of Patreon), Li Jin (Passion Economy Pioneer), Michael Mignano (CEO of Anchor), Casey Neistat, Cody Ko, The Chainsmokers, Liza Koshy, LaurDIY, et al.

Where are Stir’s Terms of Service?

Our full Terms of Service can be found here.

What is Stir’s Privacy Policy?

All personal information submitted during the registration process is used to verify your identity. Your data is never shared with other Stir users without your permission. Our full Privacy Policy can be found here.

Does Stir have a Press Kit?

Yes! Check it out here. Reach out to for any questions.